Day 104: Month of the Military Child Winner

Month of the Military Child Winner – May 2, 2011

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First off, I want to express a great big thank you to Molly, Lauren and all the other fine Bear Specialists at Build-A-Bear corporate in St. Louis. If it weren’t for their generosity, we would not have been able to make this wonderful draw happen.

Build-A-Bear is truly an amazing company making sure kids of all ages have fun. But they are also huge supporters of our brave men and women in uniform too. As soon as I contacted Molly with my idea of making a draw for a military child to be honored with a military Build-A-Bear for “Month of the Military Child” she quickly put me in contact with Lauren so we could make this happen.

We had a lot of entries! I also want to say a special thanks to all my friends, both military and civilian who spread the word about our Month of the Military Child Build-A-Bear giveaway here at General Sarge HQ. I must admit, both Sandra and were a little overwhelmed at the support and the number of entries and great messages contained in the entries as we read through them. One great aspect of reading the entries was also the recognition from many military families saying how much they appreciate the fact that “Build-A-Bear” is also supporting them.

Build-A-Bear corporate, as General Sarge always says – Two paws up for your support of our military!

Making The Call

Since General Sarge is of course PVT Benjamin Jeffrey’s Build-A-Bear, it seemed only appropriate that Ben would make the call to the winner. After drawing the winning entry, both PVT Ben and General Sarge got on the phone and made a personal phone call to the parents of the child who will receive her very own military Build-A-Bear as her Daddy gets ready to be deployed from Fort Hood, Texas in just a matter of days.

Friday night, April 29th, after Ben officially graduated from Fort Benning as an active US Army Infantryman, both he and General Sarge made the call.

Day 104 - Month Of The Military Child

Jessica, Isabella’s Mom, was thrilled to receive the phone call. She was very excited and so was her husband, Army SPC Andrew Tenut, as they were out spending some time together before he deploys.

Aside from sending in her name and other information, here’s what SPC Tenut’s young daughter wrote;

“My name is Bella and I am 2 years old. My Daddy is in the 1st Cav and I think he’s in 2nd BCT, HHC. What really sucks is he’s leaving really soon and I don’t like that. While he’s gone Mommy decided it would be best for me to be by my family so we’re going to Michigan for a while. While I’ll miss my Daddy, I’ll be able to see him on the computer maybe. I’ll definitely love to talk to him on the phone. Maybe Sarge will help me because I can pretend that he’s my Daddy and give him hugs and kisses when I need them. – Isabella”

For Ben, he said the most touching part of that note was “Sarge will help me because I can pretend that he’s my Daddy and give him hugs and kisses when I need them”. Being a military child is no easy task, no matter what age the child might be. But at the tender age of 2, we are so happy to be of encouragement not only for Bella, but also for her Mom and her Dad, SPC Andrew Tenut, as he bravely deploys to serve our country.

Staying Army Strong,
Dr. Rus

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