Day 68 – A Bears Heart Is Not Just For Kids!

Day 68 – Guest Post Time!
Quick Note from General Sarge:

General Sarge Portrait

General Sarge is excited to start having some friends do guest posts from time to time now on the site! For our first Guest Post Blogger General Sarge figured the perfect choice would be his new friend Slappy Bear! General Sarge also wanted to make sure all his friends know Slappy Bear just officially started his own website yesterday!

You can find Slappy Bears adventures at Slappy Bears Blog!

Time for some Slappy Bear Wii time!

Image by Blazing Minds via Flickr

Hello everyone, first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Slappy Bear and Dr. Rus and General Sarge have kindly given me the honour of stopping by and writing a guest post, so, I thought I would take the opportunity to bring to your attention the love of bear to any age.

Now most of you out there have probably had a bear as a child and loved it to the point of causing it to have some serious fur loss, now this is something that we bears do get used to over the years and thanks to some of our owners we are looked after and re-furred every now and again.

But as I mentioned earlier we are not just for the kids. We can bring comfort to any age from 1 to 100, bringing a smile to the faces of those that we love and sometimes miss.

I know myself that my owner, Karen over at Blazing Minds, looks after me and cherishes me, as I do her and even to the point that she lets me get away with some naughtiness sometimes, but I’m not saying any more on that matter 😉 😉

I’ve seen so many bears at our local Build-A-Bear that have a loving heart given to them with a wish from their loved ones and it’s not just the kids, though sometimes the adults will say it’s not for them, but we know better don’t we 😉 After all everyone needs a paw to hold and a cuddly furry loved one to cuddle up to on those cold, cold, nights.

So remember, a bear is not just for Christmas we are for a lifetime 😉

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