Day 63 – Private Sparky Doing Push Ups

Private Sparky Doing Push Ups

Day 63 - Private Sparky Doing Push Up's

I guess maybe I was right about PVT Sparky in the post from yesterday.

It did look like he was laughing as he was standing in formation. Apparently General Sarge wasn’t thrilled with that because today he must have said “Drop and give me 20 Private!”

I also just noticed PVT Sparky isn’t wearing his hat or his Beret. I hope he doesn’t get into more trouble!

Speaking of Beret’s – Ben was quite excited the last time we talked with him on the phone. Of course aside from doing lots of push ups to get into and stay in shape, he was thrilled they were moving into Blue Phase! That means a few more privileges, it means they’re almost done their Basic Training – and most importantly – it means they now have their Beret’s! We don’t have any pictures of Ben in his Beret yet but I’m sure we’ll receive some soon as they’re coming up on a weekend pass soon too. He will have his cell phone and we’ll ask for some new pictures of him. Especially one of him in his Beret.

That’s one reason they’re getting their Beret’s now instead of having to wait until graduation. When they go off base they’re not allowed to wear the regular Army hat they wear around the base. They have to wear their Beret and also remain in uniform at all times. I think Ben said they were getting a portion of their dress uniform this week too.

Where Has The Time Gone?

It’s hard to believe we’re on Day 63 of these daily General Sarge pictures. That means Ben’s graduation is also rapidly approaching at the end of April. We’re still looking for support to help off-set expenses so we can travel to Fort Benning, GA for his graduation. With that in mind don’t forget you can support us by buying a “General Sarge’s Family First Campaign” coffee package. All the proceeds from the sales of this coffee package, which contains five 1.5 oz packages of Devil Dog Brew flavored coffee and a signed General Sarge 4×6 picture go towards helping off-set those travel costs.

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Also please note, all of the proceeds from the sale of the “Families First Campaign” will always go to support military families off-set their expenses for graduation travel. It’s important that families attend the graduation ceremonies, but many times they can’t afford to go because of the expense.

So help out General Sarge in this worthy cause.

If you’d like to support financially in other ways, please feel free to contact me via email and we can talk about that too.

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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