Day 53 – Call of Duty Winners

Call of Duty Winners – March 5, 2011

Day 53 General Sarge With Call of Duty Winners

General Sarge with Call of Duty Winners!

After being snowed out last weekend, the Army Recruiting Center in Newark, New York held their Call of Duty – Black Ops tournament today. General Sarge was more than happy to pose with the winners for a picture. The turn out was great and we have two winners! The tournament was held on a PS3 and an XBox 360.

The over-all champion on each format won an iPod!

Day 53 - Call of Duty Winners

The recruiters at the center were very happy everyone had a great time. There was lots of pizza and lots of fun! They even made sure there was pizza left for Sandra and I when we arrived.

The Whole Gang

Day 53 - Call of Duty Players

As you can see, there was quite a turn out for the tournament. This was at the end of the tournament so some people had already left. But, this is a fine looking group of young men and women who had a great time!

One final note, yes, this post for General Sarge
is rather late today.

But, there’s good reason for that. We received a phone call from Ben tonight! His platoon went to Blue Phase which meant they got their cell phones back. We’ve been texting throughout the day and he called tonight too. We had a great chat and it was great to hear his voice. If all goes well, he’ll still have his phone tomorrow and call us again.

See larger pictures on Flickr there:

Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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