Day 47: Sunday Morning Board Op

Sunday Morning Board Op – February 27, 2011

Day 47 - Sunday Morning Board Op

Pushing buttons at 1420 WACK – Newark, New York

Through the years all three of our boys have worked part-time as board operators at 1420 WACK in Newark, New York. It’s the same station where I’m News Director. Aside from other days, they’ve also all covered the Sunday morning board operator duties as well. This may seem odd, but again, sometimes it’s just the little things that bring back the memories as we face the reality of two boys in the Army. I have to admit, just before Ben shipped out for Fort Benning, I was getting tired of having to drive him to work every Sunday morning around 5:30am.

After all, weekday mornings I’m up at 3:10am and arrive at the radio station around 3:45am.

But now, and especially today, I realize how much I miss waking Ben up every Sunday morning, making multiple trips into his bedroom to say – “Lets go!” – so I could get him to work on time. With that in mind, it just seemed appropriate to make today’s General Sarge picture one of him filling in for Ben at the radio station.

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Staying Army Strong!
Dr. Rus

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